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Not so long ago, the word Social Networking sound as an alien word to us. Now it is one of the important means of generating business. By using social media marketing, anyone can easily target the site visitors and improve their website rankings and business. Today, Social media networking site such as Facebook has become the leader in social networking and is one of the prominent and most popular social networking websites intended to connect friends, family, and business acquaintances.
Facebook Connect
Gateway can built an application in PHP on Facebook Connect that can help to gain access to user's identity, photos, user friend's information, all of the integration points within
Salient Features of using Facebook Connect Application
  • User will be able to connect with Facebook using, open graph protocol and Facebook API.
  • User can choose own status, upload status photo and stream stories and notifications.
  • User can share status with friends.
  • Visitors can choose "LIKE" flag on the status.
  • View profiles of friends.
  • User can comment on the status of friends.
  • Contests - weekly winner - based on maximum likes received by user.
  • Generate database of users.
  • Watch out friends and colleagues
  • Promotion of company brand.
  • Target marketing to potential candidates.
  • Save time and Fast approach
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