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The latest revisions of software have put them into production right away. This application is a very solid, well programmed work and the latest revisions to adapt it for Touch Screen use work flawless. This is once again - excellent work. As another note, the finishing and revisions into the Remote Backup Application have worked out very well.
This effort has stabilized this application to where we are now comfortable with moving it into production as well. One of the other partners whom I have great respect for told me something a long time ago I have found to be very true. That is "People don't buy from companies, people buy from people". I realized just the other day that it has been over a year that you have been working on our projects.
We greatly appreciate the dedication and skill you put into all of the applications as well as the time you take to understand us, our organization and our applications. We look forward to our continued relationship.
Thank you sincerely.
We have used Gateway TechnoLabs for many projects obviously because we are impressed with their professionalism and ability to meet any deadline.
They have a firm grasp of internet technologies and programming.
We are impressed with the quality you deliver. The ethical and impeccable conduct coupled with the project management approach you have makes you one of the best we have ever
worked with in our IT deployment experience of over 10 years.
I highly recommend Gateway TechnoLabs to anyone looking to offshore software development. It has changed my concept of going "offshore" altogether.
the best with the quickest turnaround time and continue to align with the company itself.
The Netherlands
I have had a very happy relationship with Gateway TechnoLabs. I feel the executives have been very upfront and they have been very responsive and very aggressive, always thriving to provide
They are the best at reachability, accessibility, agility, communication, and understanding and in short, at whatever they do.
Use an offshore solution has changed our working processes in a way as documents more structured, particularly for the technical specifications, and of course in English.There has been a set up of new processes from our initiative, like "comprehension documents" written by the provider before to start the projects, or daily reports by e-mail with the detail of the work done during the day
Also, there is a set up of collaborated work tools, like a knowledge base shared with the Indian resources.
Gateway TechnoLabs provides solutions on time and within budget and most importantly,
without compromising the quality - that matters to most to us.
Gateway TechnoLabs came highly recommended by [the other client] and now we know why they regard them so highly. The ease with which they understood our requirements and professionally providing it the shape we dreamt of was really exceptional.
These guys are a dream team.
Gateway TechnoLabs' creative inputs and recommendations significantly benefited our requirements.
I look forward to working with Gateway TechnoLabs on our next phase of maintaining and releasing further updates to our solution.
We are very happy to have done business with them and look forward to a longer business relationship. Niraj is a true professional and terrific entrepreneur.
If you have development needs and if you are outsourcing it to India, then Gateway TechnoLabs would turn out to be the best option for your solutions partner to work with from India
We appreciate the professional approach and attitude shown by you to successfully complete this project. With all the complex issues we had with the older applications, it is quite commendable the way it was accomplished in such a short span.
It was quite incredible how you delivered more than 10 person years of work in just under 6 months of elapsed time, it exemplifies a lot about your project management practices.
You are more accessible to us than a company just 5 minutes drive from here
You are the best I have worked with till now. I have tried out several offshore providers, but only you guys have been offshore development partners.
I have been impressed with the ethics. I want to say that we have been very impressed with GTL's commitment towards us. It has gone above and beyond what most North American companies would ever go.
Most companies would have walked away, however, GTL has honored their commitment.
Everyone here on the team would like to thank Gateway for continually providing extremely high quality work, on-time delivery, and exceptional service.
Your efforts continue to drive profitable results for both our companies, and we look forward to continuing to work with you in the future.
As a small business, the high cost of developing web applications used to limit our ability to explore new ideas. The value and efficiency of Gateway TechnoLabs has enabled us to accomplish far more than we could in the past. Time differences are rarely an issue, with Gateway project managers continually adjusting their schedules to our needs.
The quality and expertise they have demonstrated to our business leaves us with nothing but good things to say about this organization.
Selecting Gateway TechnoLabs as our offshore partner has been one of the best decisions we have ever made. Gateway TechnoLabs' personnel and services have become an integral part of our software development business allowing us to significantly improve the quality of our software solutions and dramatically lower costs. Gateway staff continues to impress me with their cutting edge knowledge and commitment to excellence.
It is a pleasure working with them and I look forward to completing many more projects with them in the future.
We have worked with a Gateway TechnoLabs development team for over a year now delivering two highly complex web based projects. The decision to use Gateway TechnoLabs has allowed us to deliver projects to our clients with greater cost efficiency whilst maintaining our high level of quality.
We thank the staff at Gateway TechnoLabs for their hard work and dedication to making our projects a success.
Gateway has been a great resource for us through the years. Our growth as a company - going back to 2003 - wouldn't be possible without the outstanding effort of the team.
It's comforting to know that we have a reliable partner who takes our business personally.
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