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PHP and MySQL are parts of the open source community and can develop into Knowledge Management solutions. Any systems where PHP and MySQL is installed, can easily implement Knowledge Management solutions. Knowledge Management can be used in any server like Windows, Linux, Unix etc.. The entire knowledge Management tools requirement for processing logins, storing contributions posting messages, feedbacks, expert approval etc are managed by using PHP script. MediaWiki is a free collaborative software wiki package written in PHP, originally for use on Wikipedia. It gives freedom to the users to create and edit Web Page content using a Web Browser.
Here are the main benefits of MediaWiki:
  • It is open source, and as such - free to use
  • Edit web pages online
  • Check the results on the spot
  • No need to upload or use FTP
  • Excellent collaboration tool
  • Allow different users to work on one and the same project

MediaWiki - Knowledge Sharing tool

Mediawiki is a free package of wiki written in PHP, Wiki is very famous for sharing knowledge base world-wide. Mediawiki being a part of, wiki family applications, has inbuilt design to run or large server farm which can get millions of hit per day and enhance your user reach to a large set of uses.
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